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Boutique & Breakfast


Since its inception in 2011, Boutique and Breakfast has established itself as the definitive guide to the most desirable boutique-style accommodation across the UK and beyond. We have become known for our strict selection criteria and are regularly approached by property owners who want to feature on the website. Whilst this occasionally uncovers hidden gems, not all of the properties that we are asked to consider are in keeping with the high quality of accommodation on Boutique and Breakfast.

Our range of services to boutique property owners have been developed on the back of this. We have been working with existing boutique accommodation providers for a number of years now and can usually tell within seconds of walking into a place whether or not it makes the grade. We also work with owners looking to launch a boutique property from scratch; helping navigate through the process by directing and project managing all aspects of becoming a boutique accommodation provider.

We have the long term vision and experience to help accommodation owners achieve the high standards that Boutique and Breakfast has become known for, supported by a network of experts in their respective fields. So if you run a B&B, Inn with Rooms or self-catering property, or if you are thinking of launching one, we can advise you on how to give your accommodation the boutique look, feel and service that will set it apart from the competition.